Information systems to coordinate all activities in your company.



Discover unique applications in the cloud built on the most modern technologies and artificial intelligence.

Asseco QASIDA includes a sophisticated ERP cloud of the new generation, which covers all areas from economics, logistics, warehouse management, payroll to specific solutions for production.

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Optimized management of company processes of medium-sized and large companies

Asseco SPIN is  Slovak  business   software  with  global   parameters. It can be completely tailored to your needs and available resources.

Asseco SPIN takes your business to a new level. It offers various  high-quality   management  tools  for   complex  data    processing    combined     with    simple,    intuitive     operation.  The  system   is  despite  its   complexity  fully  scalable and the modules are perfectly interconnected. It is also available online using the iSPIN web application.

With Asseco SPIN,    you     get    top-notch    software     developed  specifically  for   the  needs  of   the  Slovak  market, as well as reliable consulting services available in all regions.

Asseco SPIN   Public   is    a   fully   integrated    modular   economic  system   developed  for  the   needs  of  the   Slovak  market  with   comprehensive  Slovak  legislation,   which can be fully adapted to your needs.

Asseco SPIN Health is an economic system designed for the area of healthcare, built upon a modern technological basis    of   a   comfortable    system   complemented   by    specific needs of companies operating in this field.

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Management of all processes in medium-sized companies

Asseco HELIOS Easy will increase your competitiveness and help you clarify all necessary areas of the company and make them more effective.

Asseco HELIOS  iNuvio is  a   long-term  market  leader   in  the  SME   business  software  solutions   in  the  Czech   Republic  and  one   of  the  strong   players  in  Slovakia.   It  covers  all   important  business  processes   and  excels  at   specific  brand  solutions.   It  will  definitely   suit  your  business, too.

Asseco HELIOS iNuvio runs on Microsoft, therefore it is extremely intuitive. When working with Asseco HELIOS iNuvio, you will appreciate a high degree of personal-ization. You can set up and customize a large part of the system to suit your routines and procedures.

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Asseco   APplus  is a world-class solution that enables   medium-sized  manufacturing  companies   to  optimally  utilize     their    corporate    resources     and    optimize    production processes. Asseco APplus is proven in the most competitive markets in Europe such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria.The  latest  version   6.4  includes  a   number  of  technical   innovations,  primarily  LinkPlus,   which  enables  users   to  access each piece of information in the system in one click.

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Asseco HOREC  immediately   finds  its  place   in  every  accommodation   facility,  regardless  of   its  type  or   size.  Thanks  to   the  wide  range   of  features  and   innovations  that  have   come  from  everyday   practice,  this  solution   offers a useful aid for family guesthouses as well as for renowned hotels.

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Asseco BLUEGASTRO keeps pace with the latest trends in  gastronomy   as  well  as   with  advanced  technology.   Its  menu  can   impress  you  with:   flawless  operation  of   small  cafes,  bars,   restaurants,  chains  of   restaurants,  waterparks,  wellness   centres,  hotels,  dining  facilities   and  shops  with   delicacies.  Just  like   you,  it  is   ready  to  meet all customer requirements. It offers an overview what  has  happened   in  that  particular   place  or  the   possibility  of  introducing   a  modern  loyalty   system.  Asseco    BLUEGASTRO    can     be    successfully    used     everywhere where food is being prepared.

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