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About project

Project title:

Community-based ERP in the cloud with a focus on Green Industry

Project number:

BIN 01_2021_015


Call for proposals under the Project for innovation support and business development


Development of business, innovations and small and mid-sized companies

Programme Operator:

Výskumná agentúra, Plynárenská 7/A, 821 09  Bratislava



Norwegian financial mechanism (85%) and State budget (15%)

Approved project grant:

883 149,20 EUR

Project time:

1.5.2022 - 30.4.2024


Asseco Solutions, a.s., Galvaniho 19045/19, Bratislava, www.assecosolutions.sk


ICB Digital AS, Nedre Storgate 3015/37, Drammen, www.icbdigital.no

Describtions of the partner: 

Company ́s main specializations are enterprise software development, Industrial IoT solutions implementation, data analytics and data science services and solutions, and maintenance and support of business-critical software applications.

Executive summary of the project:

FCreating a cloud-based ERP with support for shared economies and resource for companies and employees. Development was estimated to seven complex phases, which covers the market needs in terms of functionality of EPR. Each phase brings extended and enhanced feature list focused on many benefits for users and environment as well in terms of green industry. In the context of the challenges it is to implement the second and third phase of the project, which aims to promote shared economy in relations B2B, B2C, C2C.

The trend of e-commerce speed up the need to move the software applications from on-premise to the cloud dramatically. Integrations, automatization, paperless communication becomes to be an standard. ERP solution is the the backbone of each company, and performance, effectivity, automation are part of ERP, mobility and accessibility are benefits of online world. Community ERP in cloud will enhance this benefits, cause will offer additional ways how to make business between companies not only cross the country, but worldwide.

The key aspect of green solutions is the creation of a "paperless" environment, where companies and their clients' exchange and sign documents electronically, and also use the process of an automatic accountant, in which manual and semi-automated operations in the accounting department are significantly dismantled. Part of that is the set of devices integrated with mobile software for food quality management in chillouts, retail operations, and manufacturing intended for direct consumption. The project counts with solutions for processing and publishing food quality based on image recognition of the food look. The environmental condition for the food storage must meet the condition of the manufacturer. Part of that project topic is to use computer vision and artificial intelligence to automatically detect and recognize person's age group, gender, human body measures, proportions, and other specific personal characteristics.

Project will continue to improve our on-going research in field of artificial intelligence with focus of accounting prediction, price and market trend prediction in logistic. As well we are including the biometric and anonymous identity of users into the product as part of authorization. The community ERP project will bring also the concept of analyzing user roles and his social interaction in application.

Technical solution of the project: :

Final solution is split into several phases of project. Each of the phase is indifferent TLR. For this project we would like deliver the phase 2 and 3 into the TLR 5 for the recognition of packaging quality, document extraction into TLR 6 and neural networks over the data from which the SW is to be learned into TLR 7.

Project environmental impact: 

1-2 tonnes of waste recycled per year depending on ERP customer and his business segment.

The project is compliant with the Digital Transformation Strategy for Slovakia.
Project contract published under: https://www.crz.gov.sk/zmluva/6492125/

Project highlights 

The Community-based ERP in the cloud with a focus on green Industry benefits from a 883 149 € grant from Norway through the Norway Grants.

The project has been co-financed from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic.

The aim of the project is  to create cloud software for a new generation of customers and segments, with the possibility of integrating partners into common ecosystems and sharing benefits among others.


Norway grants
Activity number*/Name of milestone123BeginningEnd
Application POC X 01.05.2022 16.09.2022
Business Analysis X X 06.10.2022 15.03.2023
Research and Development X X X 13.05.2022 16.04.2024
Bulding the team X X 12.05.2022 17.11.2022
Integration X X 18.08.2022 14.12.2023
Validation X X 20.12.2023 24.04.2024
Product Launch X X 14.02.2024 17.04.2024
Logistic and Warehouse Managment (1)AI recognition of food quality in time definitions (2)Online communication behavior of users as part of communication platform in ERP (3)
An application primarily designed to support the logistics processes of eCommerce companies. The solution consists of a web application for managing purchase and sales orders, products, prices and a mobile application Mobile Warehouse supporting the processes: goods receipt, goods dispensing, restocking, etc.  Part of that is the set of devices integrated with mobile software for food quality management in chillouts, retail operations and manufacturing intended for direct consumption. Development of a prototype solution for processing and publishing food quality based on image recognition of the food look. The environmental condition for the food storage must meet the condition of the manufacturer. This part aims to investigate user/customer behavior towards online daily work in software, which further examines various factors limiting users for online behavior and implement utilities/engines to the ERP which will help to attract users for communication. The purpose of the project is to find out the problems that consumers face during their participation in ERP community through the interaction via software and looking for the possibility how to motivate them for action. The technology will be used for user behavior analyses and prediction in product to better attract users in community.  

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