Sharing economy

What is the sharing economy?

Sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption, is a business model that can effectively solve ecological problems through the use of resources.

The ecological dimension becomes an integral part of the economy, which means that when we reduce ecological costs, we also improve the economy of the company itself. This trend is mainly caused by the increase in the prices of primary energy sources and the cheapening of ecological solutions that help to save these resources.

The sharing economy is nothing new and it is already commonly used in everyday life. Examples are platforms like Uber and Airbnb that allow people to share their resources, such as cars or accommodation.

What makes our sharing economy solution unique?

Our solution focuses primarily on creating a community of united companies and employees. However, third parties will also be able to join this community, with security being a high priority.

Within the very concept of the sharing economy, we have come up with a new approach, which is to create a space where this sharing happens. Of course, we won’t forget to identify specific use cases. When sharing resources, it is also important to take into account the responsibility towards oneself, employees, shareholders and the whole company. Our space will provide the opportunity to create new offers and inquiries. Businesses can share free resources such as things, labour or services. In addition to companies, employees themselves can share their resources with each other.

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