Video & photos from the opening conference

We presented the project of a new community ERP in the cloud to our customers, partners, representatives of the media and the expert community during the opening conference, which took place last week of June.The participants in the conference were successively greeted and addressed by the representatives of the company Asseco Solutions, Edita Angyalová, CEO and Chairwoman of the Board, Renáta Rybanská, Director of development, product and IT, and Stanislav Mišovic, product manager, who talked about the purpose, goals and benefits of the new solution. At the same time, they expressed gratitude for the opportunity to conduct this project thanks to co-financing from Norwegian grants and the Slovak state budget. Since the project is conducted primarily thanks to the support from Norway, we were very pleased that the invitation was also accepted by the Norwegian ambassador Mr. Terje Theodor Nervik and Ms. Katarína Kubaláková, manager for bilateral fund management and publicity from the department of other support programs from the Research Agency, who in their speeches informed participants about financing options through Norwegian grants and the Slovak state budget. In addition to the main idea that this system that is being developed will make it possible to create communities of various kinds with the aim of streamlining processes, motivating to socialization and social values within the framework of ‘saving’ the planet, the conference program also included information about project schedule and what goals and in what time intervals and horizons their achievement is planned. The fact that the opening conference was successfully held, means partial fulfilment of one of the measurable indicators of publicity.

Opening conference

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